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less than three

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Ren has been in love with his best friend for the past three years. He has no intention of confessing, but he can’t seem to move on. 
Calliope has spent most of her life dancing. She’s decided to put other interests before it now, but it’s hard to let go of something she fought so hard for. 
Ingrid plans to start over in college, to go beyond what held her back in high school. It’s much easier in theory than in practice. 
Less Than Three is a collection of three short stories about a group of friends. Together, they shoulder their way through romance, all-nighters, and the occasional dragon.

less than three title

the poptart theory

status: editing sixth draft, querying

camp nano april 2019 project; 2019 and 2020 various pitch events and pitch wars entry

“I have this theory,” Zane says, “that all poptarts taste better when they’ve been toasted. Aside from strawberry, that is. Can’t improve on good original perfection.” 


Jere is depressed. And then the world ends. And starts anew. 


status: working on fourth draft

camp nano july and nano 2019 project, camp nano april 2020 project

the first of a trilogy. 

Rade is second in line to the throne. They pretend to follow the rules and sneak out of sword fighting lessons to read in the library. They make their sister smile as she stresses over her upcoming engagement. Their parents are almost unbearable, but they're making do. 

Then they get kidnapped.

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x the apocalypse

status: first draft

camp nano july 2020 project

One thousand three hundred eighty-three days ago, Liam asked Jaz out between the cafeteria vending machine and a trash can. One hundred fifteen days ago, they blocked each other’s numbers. The apocalypse starts in three, two, one—