about me

i'm a 23-year-old author and artist from new england. i've been writing since i was little and my goal was to get published before i turned 12 (obviously that didn't happen). i'm known for taking on too many things at once and have a million wips that i'm either working on or letting collect dust as i figure them out. 

i started drawing in sixth grade and for a while, did art on and off, until a few years ago when i started doing art more seriously. i do commissions, zine pieces, and original content for myself. i've modded over ten completed zines and am modding more currently! nearly all of my work is digital, but a current goal of mine is to become more confident in traditional mediums as well! art commissions are almost always open!

also, i sometimes review books. i can't say i'm good at it, but i like to think i'm entertaining. i did after all write a final paper on how the twilight saga is a derivative of romantic and gothic fiction.

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