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book battle: bronte

brontë by manuela santoni

thank you to netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free ebook in exchange for an honest review! this has not affected my review in any way, all opinions are mine.


this was a really interesting look into the lives of three incredibly influential writers, whose lives have always been somewhat of a mystery to me despite having read their work in school. unfortunately, it felt a bit rushed to me, and i even struggled to keep the sisters straight, having to take a screenshot of a page where their names were listed so i could keep track of who was who. additionally, while i really like the inked look of the art, sometimes it felt a little bit too messy and unrefined. it felt like this graphic novel needed a lot more room to breathe because i saw hints of really interesting and complex stories and personalities in it that were never fully realized. i think with some more pages, the book would have been a lot more powerful too in regards to the sisters being women writers during a time when it was highly frowned upon for women to write. i still enjoyed it, but i feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities in this read, which is really disappointing.

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