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please note: while i had an active etsy account, all my active listings were taken down on 4/20 and my account was later suspended with no notice. you can view my etsy store here and the twitter thread where i mention this issue here. please let me know if more information is needed.

listings on my bigcartel are not currently active as the stock is being saved for summer cons, and i have not yet swapped the etsy stock over to it in hopes that i can regain access to my etsy.

confirmed 2023 cons: thy geekdom (may 26-28), fan expo philly (june 2-4)

possible 2023 cons: fan expo boston (august 4-6)

previous cons: thy geekdom (2022)

ladynoir print
oc print
scorfuma print
anya forger stickers
labyrinthia zine sticker sheet
maya fey bottlecap button
spaceboy acrylic cassette
gavinners acrylic cd charm
gavinners vinyl cd charm
tikki minky button
plagg minky button
yor forger acrylic charm
sophie acrylic charm
anya button mock
yor button mock
loid button mock
forger family hanging charm mockup
biyoo button mock
labyrinthia promo post
al acrylic charm mockup
hanging layton charm mockup
emmy acrylic charm
laytonmobile acrylic charm
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