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less than three

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Ren has been in love with his best friend for the past three years. He has no intention of confessing, but he can’t seem to move on. 
Calliope has spent most of her life dancing. She’s decided to put other interests before it now, but it’s hard to let go of something she fought so hard for. 
Ingrid plans to start over in college, to go beyond what held her back in high school. It’s much easier in theory than in practice. 
Less Than Three is a collection of three short stories about a group of friends. Together, they shoulder their way through romance, all-nighters, and the occasional dragon.


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i'm a 22 year old humanties/english/creative writing student (my college journey has been complex). i love writing and have been writing books (or attempting to) since i was in second grade. my favorite genre to write is fantasy, and i hope to write more diverse and inclusive fantasy stories for everyone to enjoy!

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